Whatever After, If the Shoe Fits-A Book Review

23 Feb

Summary: Abby and Jonah have a mirror in their basement. It’s not just any mirror though, it’s a magic mirror that transports them into fairy tales! The first time they went into Snow White, and stopped her from eating the poison apple, except then her prince didn’t come and save her, oops! But, don’t worry, they fixed it! This time, they have been whisked off to the Cinderella story, (with Abby in her pajamas…again)! And this time they’re not going to mess anything up! Yep, nothing at all…until they accidentally break Cinderella’s foot, which means it won’t fit the slipper, and she won’t get married to the prince…oops…again! Cinderella’s fairy godmother says she’ll fix her foot if Cinderella can become more self-reliant. So now Abby and Jonah must help Cinderella start a business and move out, make sure the prince finds her, and stay out of trouble!

My Thoughts: These books are really cute, quirky, and fun! Although they’re short, they still have plenty of adventure! Abby is a really strong character, with good leadership and ideas, and she’s very likable! Jonah is the funny character, though I do wish he was more developed. I like how in every book there’s a certain food he wants to eat:) Kayla was really nice in the middle and end of the book, and you feel really bad for her when she’s sad, and happy when she starts to become nicer:) Cinderella wasn’t my favorite of characters, but she wasn’t bad. I did really like her “crownie” business:) Betty and Beatrice were really mean! I mean, why would she turn her own daughter into a rat?! Anyways, the writing was really good, though I wished for a little more detail, and the plot is really fun! I think the story is starting to get better, and I preferred this book over the first one! I give this book three and three quarters (it was better than a half, but not as good as a four) stars out of five:)

2 Responses to “Whatever After, If the Shoe Fits-A Book Review”

  1. Xinyan January 24, 2014 at 9:27 pm #

    I really like the book that Sarah Mlynowski wrote.

  2. Mariana May 13, 2015 at 4:39 pm #

    What are 10 facts about the story?

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