Lulu’s Truly Exceptional Love List!

24 Feb

Au Bon Pain Cafe Bakery

I am obsessed with this Cafe’s bagels!!!! They are just so yummy! Whenever my sister, mom, and I go to the Boden warehouse sale in Boston, I get one of their Cinnamon Raisin bagels, and I definitely  recommend going there:)

The Adventures of TinTin, The Secret of The Unicorn Movie

On Tuesday night I was on Netflix looking for a movie to watch, and I came across this one! It had a really cool and well done graphic beginning, and the whole movie had great graphics, and looked realistic. I thought Snowy the dog was just so cute:) (I was rooting for him against that creepy falcon!) It was a really fun movie!

S'mores Brownies

S’mores Brownies (From Bakerella)

Don’t these look so good?! They are basically a s’more baked into a brownie, and they look really yummy! My sister and I are hoping to try making them Memorial Day weekend, (even though it’s a long way off:( )

Soar with Saige

Soar With Saige! 

Since American Girls’ new Girl of the Year doll, Saige, loves to ride in hot air balloons with her balloonist father, and paint, they came up with a great contest: to design a hot air balloon! Yesterday, I printed out the template, and created an awesome, colorful, balloon that I will be entering soon:) To read more about the rules, click on the link above!


This Party Popcorn!

So on Thursday, I was having a fun movie night with my sister, and she suggested we try out this Party Popcorn mix she had read about! It’s very simple to make:

  • Start by popping your popcorn, and letting it cool
  • Then put the amount you want in a bowl, and drizzle it in white or dark chocolate
  • Add sprinkles! (If you used white chocolate, I suggest chocolate sprinkles, but if you used dark chocolate I would recommend rainbow sprinkles:)

It turns out delicious! It’s perfect for watching your favorite movie with and cuddling under a blanket:)

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