The Mysterious Benedict Society, and the Prisoner’s Dilemma-A Book Review

28 Feb

(To read my review of the first book click here.)

Summary: Kate, Reynie, Constance, and Sticky have been living together in the house of their friend Mr. Benedict for security from…a very evil man named Mr. Curtain (who happens to be Mr. Benedict’s twin brother) that wants to kidnap them for destroying his life’s (crazy!) work and forcing him into hiding, and his terrifying thugs called Ten Men because they have ten ways to hurt you with weapons that appear to be office supply, (for example, a laser pointer with an actual laser!) But now Mr. Curtain is after the children, their families, and Mr. Benedict! What will happen though when the kids end up being captured by the colder than ice Mr. Curtain? Could this be the end of the Mysterious Benedict Society’s adventures…forever?

My thoughts: I really enjoyed The Mysterious Benedict Society, and the rest of the series was just as awesome! It’s a mystery, comedy, and adventure all rolled into one fun, quirky story! The ending in this story was less complete compared to the other books, but the main story was very thrilling! Constance was just as funny, (and greedy!) as last time, and is still my main characters:) (Her poems just keep getting better!) I’m glad Kate was focused on more in this book, she was clever and resourceful, and full of energy like always! Sticky and Reynie weren’t the best characters this time around, but still brought plenty of knowledge and plans to the book. S.Q. was so nice!! What he did for everyone in the end makes you like him even more, and he was just so awesome! The Ten Men and Mr. Curtain were just as mean as ever in this story, and were really well-written villains! The writing and details were superb along with the suspense, and I give this book four out of five stars!

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