Mimi the Superhero-A Photo Story

3 Mar


MIMI THE SUPERHERO! “Someone’s trying to steal all the candy from the candy shop? Seriously? It’s my day off! Oh well, Mimi the Fabulous to the rescue!”


“Look everyone it’s Mimi!” “It’s Mimi picking apples!” “No it’s not, it’s Mimi the detective!” “Everyone! It’s Mimi the superhero to the rescue!”


“Hand over all the candy, please!” Alli the bunny hid under the counter in fear!


“Whoosh!” Mimi flew in just in time to save the delicious sweets! “Don’t worry everyone! I’ll save you! Violet the Giraffe, give that candy back, or I’ll unleash my cuteness power on you!” Mimi was just about to put on her cutest face, when she noticed something odd. “If you’re a giraffe, why do you have a cat mask on?” “Well if I’m going to be a cat burglar, I have to do it right!”


Then Mimi unleashed her cuteness! “Cute Power!!!” Violet didn’t stand a chance!


“It’s too cute!” Violet cried as she fell in defeat.


“Good! Now go home, and write I will never ever steal candy again one hundred times!” With that Violet scurried off like a mouse, but not before Mimi the Fabulous bought her a lollipop:)


“I will never ever steal candy again, I will never ever steal candy again, I will never-Wait a second! My chalkboard is too small to right it a hundred times! And was that sixty or sixty-five? I might as well just start over! I will never ever steal candy again, I will never ever-“


“Okay everybody! That’s a wrap! Nice rehearsal, now let’s do it for real!” Ellie’s announcement was answered by groans louder than a squeaky table and heavy sighs.


“Ow guys! I know I’m amazing, but I can’t actually fly!” “Sorry Mimi! Princess Minnie saw a double rainbow, and we really wanted to watch it too!” “A double rainbow? Let me see!” Mimi crawled out of her harness and ran up the movie set.


(Tearing Up) “I was so good!” (Sniffle) “I probably win an Adorable Award! I wonder what I should wear!?”

2 Responses to “Mimi the Superhero-A Photo Story”

  1. Bella March 3, 2013 at 4:29 pm #

    Great photo story, Lulu! Mimi is so funny :) I liked the ending!


  1. The Liebster Award! | theawesomeadventuresoflulu - April 21, 2014

    […] writing Mimi’s adventures and my favorite one of those would have to be when she became a superhero! I also enjoy writing the Books I Really Think You Should Read posts and Cat Royal book […]

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