Homesick-A Book Review

7 Mar

HomesickHomesick by Kate Klise

Summary: In the small town of Dennis Acres, (it really is a small town, there are only three streets!) the already small population of 54 has now just become 53. This is because Benny’s mom left town, (again), and this time his parents are really splitting up. After his mother leaves, Benny’s dad starts to hoard everything! He had always been a pack rat, but now he has been saving everything from old, torn up pizza boxes to newspapers, and magazines! Everyday he brings home more things, and now he has the crazy idea to build a motorcycle…from scrap parts…from the dump…that he brings into their house! Benny’s house is getting so bad, the only reason why Izzy, who brings the town pizza, hasn’t cut his dad off is because he doesn’t know what else Benny would eat! And then, a town teacher nominates Dennis Acres to be America’s most charming small town! Everything is getting cleaned up, and everyone is ready to tackle Benny’s home, but Benny’s dad won’t let them, but will Benny?

My Thoughts: Kate Klise’s stories are always phenomenal. Her Regarding The… and Dying to Meet You books are amazing, and I really enjoyed her other books. Homesick has a sad beginning, but the writing is wonderfully detailed. I really liked Kate Klise’s description of Dennis Acres, and she really made you feel like you were there. The story could have been longer, but it’s characters were really nicely developed, and each had their own personalities that you could distinctively recognize. The suspense parts in the story could have had more time, but the writing makes up for it. As I said before, the beginning is really sad, and the dad gets a little crazy, but is still funny, with his big plans. Benny had a likable character, but got sort of annoying at parts. All the supporting characters really added to the story, and I give it four out of five stars. (If you like reading this one, I definitely recommend Grounded!)

Have an awesome rest of your evening guys! It’s really snowing here, and I just want to curl up, and read my book! What are you doing during the snow fall?


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