Spring Flower Garland-A Craft

9 Mar


Since it’s been so snowy and cold lately, I thought I would bring some awesome spring cheer with this easy craft!

You will need-Scissors, colored-paper, yarn, tape/glue, felt/fabric, and a pencil.

First, start by cutting out flower shapes in your colored-paper. I found it’s a lot easier to sketch them lightly, and then cut them out. Try to use at least three different colors, so your garland is bright and cheerful:)

Next, cut out different color circles out of felt or fabric. Make sure you have all different sizes, and glue or tape them to the middle of your flower.

Then, cut a piece of yarn, you think is big enough to hold all your flowers. Just to be on the safe side, lay them out before you glue/tape them on.

Lastly, you’re done! You can hang it up on your door, or bulletinĀ board to add some fun color!


One Response to “Spring Flower Garland-A Craft”


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