Finally-A Book Review

12 Mar

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Finally By Wendy Mass

Rory Swenson’s over-protective parents have always told her “You can have a cellphone when you’re twelve!” “You can get contact lenses when you’re twelve!” “You can get your ears pierced when you’re twelve!” And so on and so on. Rory has been making a list of all these things, and finally in 18 hours, 36 minutes, and 52 seconds she will be twelve. And when that happens, she can finally do all the things her friends do. Even Better! A movie is getting filmed at her school, and she might be able to be an extra! But for now, life isn’t so glamorous, because right now Rory is currently stuck in a drain pipe.

My Thoughts: Wendy Mass is an amazing middle grade author, and this book was just as awesome as the cake on the cover! The main character Rory is really believable. Her character is strong, easy to like, and interesting, but she wants to grow up way too fast! I loved all her funny moments like when she thinks her pet bunny is trying to kill her in her sleep, (It’s name was Kyle R., try saying it five times fast), or when she finds out she’s allergic to practically everything she wants, (for instance, gold earrings , plant based-make-up products, etc.) Annabella was a really nice supporting character, but that made me wish we saw more of her. She was a really sweet best friend, and had good character traits. I am really glad Angelina came back in this book since we were left in such mystery before, except for one thing: you don’t get any answers! So, hopefully we find out more in Thirteen Gifts! I also want to point out that there wasn’t much of a secret here, or big event like in 11 Birthdays. Angelina did show Rory an important lesson, but it wasn’t as fun to read about as the first story. I definitely recommend this story, and I give it four and a half stars out of five:)

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