Saige Paints The Sky-A Book Review

18 Mar

Saige Paints The Sky by Jessie Hass

Saige Copeland has been going through some hard events, her grandmother (a.k.a Mimi) took an awful fall, the art program was cut from her school, and her best friend seems to be more distant this year, but things are starting to look up. Thanks to the arts festival there is enough money to start an after school art program, Mimi is starting to get better, she’s made a friend in the new girl Gabby, and her birthday, along with the Alberquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, are coming up soon! Saige can’t wait to get art back, but it seems to be taking a long time, so she decides to have a Day of Beige Statement at school where you wear nothing but beige to show how art brings color into your life. There’s even going to be a press conference where Saige and her friends have been asked to speak. This might bring the arts back, but when Saige’s grandmother decides to sell her new calf Georgia, who Saige loves, her good feeling seems to disappear. Is there a way to save the arts and keep Georgia?

My Thoughts: The Saige books aren’t my favorites out of all the American Girl stories, but they’re still fun, and have really amazing pictures! The writing is well done, but the characters aren’t very well-developed, and I would have liked to learn more about them. I thought the story could have focused on the balloon festival and the Day of Beige a little more, but they were still interesting events that added to the book! I also thought that in most of Saige’s spare time, all she did was ride Mimi’s horses, which wasn’t very fun to read about. The characters were very believable and likable and the setting was very detailed. I think the author also could have talked about when the art program would finally start up in the end of the book. Anyways, it was a cute and quick read that I give three and a half stars out of five!

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