How To Draw a Spring Bunny in 5 Steps!-A Craft

19 Mar

IMG_2508 copy

I love to draw cute animals when it seems like spring is right around the corner, and my favorite is an adorable bunny:) It’s very easy to make, so I decided to show you how!

You Will Need-Paper, a pencil, and some type of coloring tool

Step 1: First start by sketching a large oval shape, (in my picture, I made the sides curve in) and drawing a face on it for your bunny’s head.

Step 2: Now draw the ears, (Tip: for this type of bunny I would recommend making them flop down instead of up.) Don’t forget to shade in some pink near the insides!

Step 3: To make your bunny’s body, start to draw an oval shape, but don’t complete the bottom. Instead, make two front paws. Now add the paws in the back so it looks like the bunny is sitting down.

Step 4: Next add the fluffy tail, and the basic bunny is done!

Step 5: Decorate and finish adding color! (Tip: Add some quick lines to the drawing, so it looks like fur!)

One Response to “How To Draw a Spring Bunny in 5 Steps!-A Craft”

  1. Sophie4503 March 19, 2013 at 10:10 pm #

    Nice Post!
    I will definetly try that!
    Please check pout my post and comment

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