How To Make A Mini Scrapbook-A Craft

30 Mar


(Adapted from the photo album craft in the 2013 April/May issue of Discovery Girls) 

You Will Need-Paper, Fabric, Glue, Scissors, A Ruler, and (optional) cardboard

Step One, Fold two pieces of paper in half lengthwise, then fold them again, but this time the other way. Now open them up, and make sure each fold has good creases.

Step Two, Glue the edges of the two pieces together, so that they become one long strip of paper, then lay it aside.

Step Three, Cut out a fabric rectangle that is four by five inches large. Next, cut out a 3 by 4 and half-inch big piece of cardboard. You can also fold a piece of paper in half, then cut it to the right size, and glue the rectangles together to replace the cardboard.

Step Four, glue the cardboard to the piece of fabric, and cut off the edges so they’re round instead of sharp.

Step Five, make a square of glue on the cardboard, and fold the fabric in so it stays. Let dry.

Step Six, Now take the strip of paper you put together earlier, and glue it on to the cover you made, (make sure you DON’T glue it on the side covered in fabric.)

Step Seven, let this dry, and you have your photo album!

Step Eight, Decorate the cover, and fill the scrapbook with fun pictures and drawings:)

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