Mimi Meets Willow-A Photo Story

7 Apr


Today Mimi is meeting some one new…”Hi! You just moved in across the street, right? I’m Mimi, what’s your name!?” “Hey! I’m Willow, I was actually just about to go over to meet you!” “Well anyways, do you want to play in my back yard with me?” “Sure!”


Mimi decided to start their adventure on the patio, “In here, they sometimes roast marshmallows!” “In a pit?” “I don’t know…”


Then the two new friends decided to pass the soccer ball around! ” Look at me! I’m at the top of the world!” “Mimi? Can I have a turn?” “Sure…once I figure out how to get down!”


“Catch me if you can!” Mimi called, as she sprinted across the large stepping-stones. “I don’t think I can jump far enough!” Willow answered, while she tried to figure out how to avoid touching the dirt.


Next, Willow tried to teach Mimi how to climb a tree: “Come on Mimi! You can do it!” “I think I prefer to stay on the ground, Willow…”


Then, they attempted jump roping. “Are we doing this right?” “I don’t think so…”


Soon Mimi and Willow started to get tired, so they took a small rest. ” What should we do now?” “I’m not really sure, but we can go over to one of the gardens.” “Okay!”


“Hello? Mr. Cat?” “Mimi, I think he’s a statue.” ” Don’t be silly, I bet he’s just shy!”


After a long day of playing outside, the friends could use a good cleaning. “Do we have to go in there?” “Yeah, Stella said it’s kind of like a roller coaster, I think she also said it’s called a microwave.” “I think it’s actually a washing machine…”

One Response to “Mimi Meets Willow-A Photo Story”

  1. Lydia April 9, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    Awww cuteness!!!

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