Sparrow Road-A Book Review

9 Apr

Sparrow Road by Sheila O’Connor 

Summary: 12 year-old Raine O’Rourke’s mother has dragged her along to a creepy, old mansion, several hours away from home for the summer for no apparent reason, that now houses a group of artists. There’s Lillian, the poet who is making less sense everyday, and the outrageous Josie, along with Diego, the one who knows just what to say. And Eleanor, the strict work-focused writer. Besides the elaborate artists, there’s the cold innkeeper, Viktor who has some secrets of his own. Trying to make the best of what seems like a ruined summer, Raine decides to discover the mysteries the lonesome house holds, but she would never imagine what she would find out!

My Thoughts: While I was sick with a cold last week I got this book to fill my boring day, and it was so good! It’s beautifully written, and has a fun and quirky plot. It also has amazing characters, that are wonderfully developed, and very likable! My favorite of all would have to be Josie because she’s so rambunctious and bold! She has such big ideas and plans that are interesting to read about. Raine was an okay character, with lots of in-depth  thoughts and actions, though I felt she sounded very grown-up for her age. The other artists had distinctive personalities that are easy to recognize. Diego was really nice, and I thought that he and Raine’s mom would be really cute together:) Speaking of Raine’s mother, she might have been one of my least favorite characters. I wish she had told Raine why they were at Sparrow Road in the first place. Gray was another character that I didn’t like very much. I knew he was trying to be nice, and make everything better, but I just didn’t enjoy reading about him. There were a few plot holes throughout the story, and I thought that the ending wasn’t very satisfying, but Sparrow Road had a great beginning and was full of good characters! Plus it has an awesome cover. :) Overall, I thought this was a great read, and I give it three out of five stars.


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