How to Draw a Spring Butterfly in 5 Easy Steps-A Craft

19 Apr


(Butterfly clip art from My Cute graphics)

Hey! I’m currently on my spring break, and the weather is super nice today, so I thought I would do another spring step-by-step drawing. Anyways, butterflies are very easy to draw, and are fun to decorate, so…

Step 1: Start by drawing one large oval (this will be your bigger wing) with waves on the side, but don’t close it. Continue by making a another smaller oval, connecting it to the line (from the other wing).

Step 2: Now draw your body. For this butterfly, I just made a stretched out oval, and drew a face, but a line of connecting circles can work too. Next, add the antennae by drawing two long swirls coming out of the head.

Step 3: Then, draw the other wings, and try to make them as symmetrical as possible. If it’s easier, you can fold the paper in the middle, and then you can trace the other side.

Step 4: Decorate! I drew two teardrop shapes on the larger wings, and swirls on the smaller ones, but you can pretty much do what ever you want with it.

Step 5: Lastly, you get to color! I tried to use fun springy shades, but your butterfly can be in whatever colors you would like:)


Speaking of butterflies, my sister and I made this awesome drawing on our chalkboard wall at our house! Isn’t it cool?


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