The Haunted Opera, A Marie Grace Mystery-A Book Review

25 Apr

The Haunted Opera by Sarah Masters Buckley

When a famous opera is coming to a theater in New Orleans, Marie-Grace is thrilled! Even better, Marie-Grace’s Aunt Océane has gotten a part in the opera! While Marie-Grace and her best friend Cécile help out during rehearsals, mysterious events start to occur. The opera’s star’s signature crown disappears, rumors of a ghost haunting the theater start to spread, a black cat is found in one of the dressing rooms,  and even some of the costumes are ruined! Can Marie-Grace discover who’s the cause of all this before opening night?

My Thoughts: I love reading the American Girl Mysteries, (especially the “Looking Back” part in the end.) I really enjoyed this book, and I thought that the setting of the book (the music hall) was very different than in other books, and it made the story interesting to read about. Marie-Grace wasn’t my favorite character in the story, but she wasn’t bad. I thought that the supporting characters were very well-written and had distinctive personality traits. Cécile and Marie-Grace’s aunt were my favorite supporting characters, and I thought Céclie was very clever and adventurous. Mr. Foxtrot and Mr. Dicarlo were sort of mean, but I do understand why Mr. Dicarlo did the things he did. Mr. Taylor was really sweet and nice, and I was glad when he got the lead in the end. Greta and Janie were pretty funny together, and I thought their whole “ghost” story was silly. I think that Greta could have been a little less bossy, but she makes up for it in the end by trusting Marie-Grace.

The writing was pretty good in this book, and there are lots of good details. I do think that there could have been more suspense, but there weren’t many other flaws besides that. (I also really liked the cover!) Overall, this book was well-written, with good characters, and I give it three and a half stars out of five.

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