The Bat Pack and Twin-Tastrophe-Two Mini Book Reviews in One!

27 Apr

The Bat Pack by Sienna Mercer

Big News! Olivia Abbot is going to a premiere of a movie, which she’d played a minor role in! Olivia’s all ready to walk down the red carpet with her (vampire!) twin, Ivy Vega and movie-star boy friend Jackson Caulfield. Even better, a big shot director is making big plans for the twins! Now Olivia is up against the vampire diva, Jessica Phelps for a leading part in a movie based after a best-selling book series! Soon the twins are flying off to Hollywood to attend a glamorous award show! Olivia can’t wait to experience everything Hollywood has to offer, but Ivy isn’t so sure about this whole acting thing…even worst Jessica isn’t going to give up the big part that easily…

My Thoughts: Every year, I get a My Sister The Vampire book at my school’s book fair, and The Bat Pack is one of my favorites out of the whole series, and I read it in about two hours!  The writing is very entertaining, and keeps you intrigued for most of the book, although at some points it was kind of slow. There were very distinctive characters, and most of them were very likable. I liked Olivia better than Ivy, but it’s mostly just because of her personality traits. I wish that you learned more about what happens next with the movie, bit I was still glad for Olivia when she got the part. I missed most of the supporting characters because some of them weren’t present for a lot of the story, but I thought it was really funny when they did the whole movie star mix up thing. The awards show part of the story was really exciting, sad, and happy all at the same time! Jessica was so mean during it, but I’m glad it worked out in the end. Jackson was really sweet, and he and Olivia are really cute together! Anyways, it was a really good book, and I give it four out of five stars.

Twin-Tastrophe by Sienna Mercer

When Olivia’s movie filming is put on hold because of a strike in Hollywood, Olivia is left without anything to look forward to…except the school dance! Olivia decides to become chairman of the dance committee, which is not at all what she expected. Three older kids are trying to take over all the planning, and aren’t going to allow anyone who doesn’t fit their vision into the dance, which includes Olivia’s twin sister! Meanwhile, the sisters’ Transylvanian vampire royalty grandparents are visiting, and they have big news for Ivy! They want her to attend a top school for vampires halfway across the world! Even worst, she can’t tell Olivia! Can the twins get through this?

My Thoughts: This wasn’t my favorite of all the books, but it wasn’t bad. The characters weren’t as interesting in this book, and so wasn’t the plot, but it was still well written. I did like that the twins’ grandparents came back, because I thought it was interesting to learn about them in the other book where  Olivia and Ivy visited them in Transylvania. The terrible trio was so annoying and mean, but luckily they did get nicer in the end. Charlotte was a lot more pleasant in this book, and she actually turned out to be a pretty likable character. I think that Mr. Vega and Lillian would be a really cute couple, and I thought it was really sweet when she came to dinner! Overall, Twin-Tastrophe was an okay book, and I give it three and a half stars put of five


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