Picture This! 8 Picture Books I Really Think You Should Read! (Volume 5)

5 May

Sorry guys, wordpress was acting really wacky, and published my post twice, so if there are any problems, I’m really sorry:(

Yay! Time for another Books I Really Think You Should Read post! And this month’s is about picture books! (Te he:)) Anyways, it’s all super awesome, and so is the musical that I’m in! Today we’re putting on another show, and I have been so busy with rehearsals, so I’m really excited:) Alright….


(Clipart and Background from MyCuteGraphics)

Ladybug Girl by Daniel Soman and Jacky Davis

First up is LadyBug Girl! This is such an adorable book, with great drawings, and a fun plot:) Plus, it has a super amazing cover!

Hello Lulu by Caroline Uff

This is by far my favorite picture book series! Mostly because, the adorable main character’s name is Lulu! But, it also has cute drawings, and all the books take place in lots of different settings.

Fancy Nancy by Jane O’ Connor

How can you not love Fancy Nancy? The books are all so good, but nothing compares to the original story! I love to look at all of Nancy’s bold and rambunctious outfits, and that the author throws in some french words throughout the book:)

Priscilla and the Pink Planet by Nathaniel and Jocelyn Hobbie

Just the fact that there’s a whole pink planet makes this book an absolute¬†favorite! As little Priscilla looks around for something in her world that’s another color besides pink, you’re in awe while you stare at the (very pink) drawings, and listen to the cute story and rhymes!

Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen

This is the perfect book for a read aloud, or just to read for fun! The writing is superb, and the art work uses beautiful colors! The plot and characters are memorable, and will keep you wanting to read this story over and over again!

Gigi and Lulu’s Gigantic Fight by Pamela Duncan Edwards

He he! Another book with a main character named Lulu! Filled with bright colors, cute animals, and a fun plot, Gigi and Lulu’s Gigantic fight, (don’t worry, they make up in the end:)) is such a great book!

Tea for Me, Tea for You by Laura Radar

Now let’s start with this cute cover! It uses a great color combination of yellow and navy, plus it has adorable pigs! (Picture book authors really like animals, don’t they?) Anyways, it’s a fun and silly book that I really recommend!

Alice the Fairy by Daniel Shannon

Alice is the ultimate fairy who will keep you interested, and remembering her for a long time! All her little ideas and adventures are so cute, and the drawings are adorable!


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