Way Down Deep-A Book Review

6 May

Way Down Deep By Ruth White 

Summary: It’s the summer of 1944, and in the small town of Way Down Deep, a tiny 3-year-old toddler is found sitting alone on a bench outside of the courthouse, who is unable to inform the towns people of anything but her name, and a few other unhelpful details. When no one comes to claim the little girl as their own, the people of Way Down Deep decide to keep little Ruby June.

When Ruby is twelve, a new family moves into town, with news that might change Ruby’s life. Soon Ruby starts to discover her past as she tries to find answers to all these questions: What happened that night when she was found in Way Down Deep? Who were her parents? Would she have to move away from Way Down Deep? To find the answers she’ll have to venture high into the mountains to meet a long-lost relative, but she isn’t sure if she’s ready for a change this big.

My Thoughts: This might be one of my new favorite historical fiction books! Way Down Deep has memorable characters, entertaining settings, great writing, plus an amazing cover! Even when you just read the first page, you’re suddenly sucked into the small town, and into all of the character’s worlds! Speaking of the characters, they were so awesome, distinctive, and likable! Ruby was a refreshing main character with lots of interesting traits, and a fun personality. She was also described very well, and was nice to everyone in the town, but she still shared her ideas, and I could barely find any flaws with her:) All of the townspeople were also well-described, and each of them stayed in my mind for the whole story. My favorite would have to be Ms. Bevins because of all her crazy, yet stylish outfits, but the triplets were a close second because of how they did everything together, and because they were so funny:) Ruby’s grandmother was my least favorite character of all because she refused to do any work, and because she was so mean, although she did turn out to be better in the end. Overall, Way Down Deep was a great book, that keeps you entertained for the whole story, and I give it four and a half stars out of five!


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