Mimi Plays Soccer-A Photo Story

23 May

Hi! It’s me, Mimi! Lulu wanted me to apologize for not posting very much lately, but today there’s a new photo story…that I’ll be telling!!!! Enjoy!

Today my friends and I got together to play a game of soccer!


My friends got ready for the exciting game by carefully choosing their teams, and positions…


On Team Awesome, the first fierce goalie was Cottonball, with Sir Pugs A Lot and Emma as the ready defenders, and Sweetie Pie as the midfielder!


On Team Fabulous (I came up with the name!) there was the stylish Fifi as the goalie, Stella and Violet as the defenders, and well, I was obviously fashionably late!


“Ugg! The giant ball won’t move!!” I exclaimed with aggravation, as I tried to carry the ball to the field.


As you can see, that didn’t work, so I then tried to push the ball…


and push the ball…


Finally after, several minutes of annoyance, I stylishly arrived at the fields, with the huge pink soccer ball. “Don’t worry guys! The one you’ve all been waiting for is here! And I brought the ball!!”


“Um…Mimi…We already have a ball..” Emma said, as I came running over. “Wait, what?! I did all the pushing, and pulling, and carrying, and sweating for nothing?” “Um…”


Anyways, with me at the game, and Zigzag as our ref, we were ready to begin! I quickly rushed over to my position, and  stared at the ball with great intensity, until I heard the high pitched whistle.


I quickly snagged the ball, and began to dodge players, as I dribbled across the field. My heart beat got faster and faster as I got closer and closer to the other team’s goal.


I passed the spinning ball to Stella, who was being charged at by Emma…


Emma quickly stole the ball using some fancy footwork, and started to run faster than a lightening bolt. She got ready to make a perfect pass…


but was foiled when it was kicked out of the field, at the same time as Zig Zag the Ref blew the shiny whistle, informing us that it was halftime!

 During halftime, I headed over to the bench, and got ready for the next half! As I was quickly gulping down water, Violet started to discuss our next game plan. “Since it’s a zero-zero game either team could easily win!” “Hmm…can I play goalie?” I asked. “So, who wants to be midfielder…” “Can I be goalie?” I asked again, but again I was ignored. “Anyways-” “Can I be goalie?”

Soon ZigZag blew the whistle, and we rushed to our new positions, (guess who was goalie…Stella.)


Anyways, a few minutes later the game was in full swing! Emma was dribbling down the field with sweat dripping down her forehead, about to side kick the ball over to Sir Pugs A Lot!


Sir Pugs A Lot was just about to kick the ball as hard as could into the goal, when Violet came swooping in, and stole the ball.


“Pass Violet!!” I cried as I ran down the field, getting ready to receive the ball. Violet swiftly kicked the ball to me, and I immediately headed towards the other team’s net.


“BAM!” The ball sailed past Cutie Pie, causing me to smile even wider, and jump for joy! “GOAL!” Zigzag called, checking his stopwatch, “Game Over!” My teammates the ran over and cheered happily at our win!

After chatting with teammates, and complimenting the other team on their great footwork, I felt like falling down after all of the excitement, but it was worth it!


Bye for now! Try not to miss my fabulousness too much!

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