Molly Moon’s Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure-A Book Review

23 May

Molly Moon’s Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure by Georgia Byng

Meet Molly Moon, an 11-year-old master hypnotist, and time stopper, who just found her parents after thinking she was an orphan all her life. Now Molly is being sucked into another adventure: This time she has been kidnapped by an insane, time traveling,  giant maharaja, who wants revenge on her for ruining his plans to take over the world. To get his revenge though, he’s traveled into the past and stolen four younger versions of Molly, stealing each of them from their own time. The maharaja is ready to do something awful to her, but luckily Molly, her friends, and her adorable pet pug, Petula have some tricks up their sleeves…

            My Thoughts: This book is so entertaining and fun! I just read the first two books, so I’m used to the characters and their stories, which makes the book easier to follow. The writing is great: full of suspense, humor, and great detail! It keeps you interested throughout the whole book, although I do think the beginning and end weren’t as good as the middle.  The setting of the story (1840, India) is really interesting, because it’s different than in other stories, plus it’s very well described, so you can easily picture all the different clothes, cultures, and sights. You really feel like you’re there with the characters! Speaking of the characters, they are very interesting. Molly wasn’t my favorite out of all of them, but she was still very intriguing because of all her cool hypnotic powers, and fun ideas. I also liked reading about all of the past Mollys because they’re so cute! Waqt was so mean and crazy! His plans were just so evil, and creepy, and I can’t believe what he did to Petula! Anyways, the rest of the characters were wonderfully developed and written. Overall, this was a great book, full of great mystery, fun, and entertainment, that I give four and a half stars out of five.


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