Molly Moon, Micky Minus, and The Mind Machine and Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery-2 Mini Reviews

29 May


Molly MoonMolly Moon, Micky Minus, and the Mind Machine by Georgia Byng

Summary: Molly Moon is back! This time she’s off to find her twin brother who has been missing since birth! Along with her best friend, Rocky and Petula the Pug, they travel 500 years into the future to find him, but the only thing they find is  that everyone has been hypnotized because of the mad Princess Fang, a crazy, power-obssesd, mean six-year-old who has Molly’s brother Micky thinking that it’s okay for the whole village to be hypnotized and act like characters from fairy tales. Even worse, Princess Fang is using a dangerous machine to take away people’s minds, and use all the knowledge for herself, so she can take over! Can Molly save her brother, herself, and…..the whole world?

My Thoughts: Who doesn’t love Molly Moon? I read this whole book in one day, and LOVED it! The writing was superb as always, with great characters, although I didn’t like them in this book as much as the other ones. Also the plot was a little confusing. There was lots of different things going on at the same time, so it sometimes was very complicated and hard to follow. Anyways, I didn’t like the characters as much in this book because they didn’t seem as well described, and written, although the new characters seemed to be the complete opposite: very well-developed, and written about. Molly, as always was interesting, and I enjoyed reading about all of her adventures. And of course, Petula the Pug was adorable and funny, as she always is! My favorite point of view to read from was hers:) Moving on to the new characters, Micky was so annoying in the beginning! I can’t believe he actually thought it was good that Princess Fang was taking everyone’s minds!! In the end though, Micky turned out really nice, and helpful. My least favorite out of all the characters was Princess Fang! She was so mean, awful, and selfish! Overall, this was a great, sort of complicated book that I give four out of five stars!

molly moonMolly Moon and the Morphing Mystery by Georgia Byng

Summary: This time around Molly Moon is ready to add a new power to her ongoing list…now, along with being a master hypnotist, time traveler, time stopper, and mind reader, she can morph into any creature she wants! In this adventure, Molly, her twin brother Micky, and Petula are in London with their new “tutor” Miss Hunroe, who turns out to be an evil leader of a group of people who want to control, and ruin the whole world! In order to stop Miss Hunroe, and her wicked followers, the group travels far away along with the help of their new friends Lily and Theobald Black, and Malcolm, ( a former alien hunter), plus a little bit of morphing and hypnotizing. But to save the world, and get back to their own bodies Molly and Micky must find the hypnotism book, Advanced Arts, which seems nearly impossible!

My Thoughts: This was another awesome Molly Moon mystery, filled with great writing, description, characters, and settings! (Plus an adorable cover!) The detail was amazing, allowing you to visualize all of the places, people, objects, and actions happening throughout the book. I enjoyed reading about all of the times when Molly and Micky morphed into things becuase it was very entertaining. The characters were very well-developed and written about, although I do miss some of them, because a lot were absent during the story, although the new characters make up with it with their distinctive personalities. Theobald and Lily were really nice (well, at least in the end), and I can’t believe Molly thought Theobald was evil! Malcolm was very funny! (He actually was an alien hunter!) But, he was very brave and resourceful when he helping them fly the plane. Miss Hunroe, and all her evil “minions” were so mean and evil! Anyways, this was an awesome book that I give five out of five stars. :)

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