Kat Incorrigible-A Book Review

3 Jun

Hey everyone! Today, (while trying to survive this awful 90 degree weather!) I will be doing a book review of this amazing book!

Kat IncorrigibleSummary: Kat Stephenson family seems like it’s falling apart. Her stepmother is always trying to prove that her and her siblings will mess up just like their mother did using her witchcraft, her brother Charlie has gotten the whole family far into debt, her older sister Angeline is using her own witchcraft, and her other sister Elissa is trying to save them by marrying the awful Sir Neville. On a trip to Grantham Abbey, Kat is transported into a mystical golden hall through her mother’s magical mirror. There she meets members of a magical secret order, that kicked her mother out, who claims she has some of the strongest magical powers ever, and wants her to join them. Kat is ready to refuse, but in order to save her sisters from Sir Neville she has to learn how to use her magic, and her wits…

My Thoughts: Set in 1803, Kat Incorrigible is one of my favorite historical fiction books yet, (and it made me want to watch lots of Downton Abbey:)) The writing has great suspense, and details, allowing you to imagine everything, and feel like you’re there. This is the first book I’ve read by Stephanie Burgis, but I can’t wait to read more of her writing! (Especially the other two Kat Incorrigible books!) The characters are memorable, likable, well-written about, and just plain entertaining! Kat was so adventurous, fun, and lovable, and she has to be one of my favorite main characters! I thought that she was so brave when she tricked Sir Neville into the golden hall, and she’s so funny whenever she gets into trouble:) Continuing, her sisters were very fun characters, and I liked how they were distinctive, but still got along easily. Angeline was very clever and funny, and she was just so…interesting and fun! Elissa was very sweet and caring, although I wish we saw more of her, like we saw of Angeline. Kat’s stepmother was very annoying, but entertaining and funny at the same time. Finally, Sir Neville and Mr. Collingwood were complete opposites, so it was so surprising that they were brothers. Mr. Collingwood was so nice, and kind, and Sir Neville was so mean and evil, and um…evil!! Anyways, this was a wonderful book that I give five out of five stars!

(By the way isn’t the cover so cute?! And if it isn’t enough, look at the whole thing!)

Kat Incorrigible Full Cover

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