Renegade Magic-A Book Review

11 Jun

Renegade MagicRenegade Magic by Stephanie Burgis

(Don’t you just all love the Kat, Incorrigible covers?! They’re just so vibrant, and awesome!)

Summary: It’s 1803, and Kat Stephenson is about to finally be admitted into the magical order of guardians, but it’s taking some time due to the fact that Kat comes from a family of witches, and lots of the members still have grudges against Kat’s mother. Everything seems great, but then of course, trouble soon takes place, during her sister, Elissa’s wedding! Even worse, Kat accidentally loses her temper in front of the magical order’s leader, and is expelled from the order immediately. After being accused of scandalous activities, and being separated from her future fiancé, Kat’s older sister Angeline, and the rest of the family are whisked off to the faraway city of Bath by Kat’s stepmother. There, Kat discovers mysterious things going on in the busy city, and most of it is being caused by wild magic, not controlled by guardians or witches. Kat is determined to find out what is going on, even more so, when her older brother Charles dives right into the magical danger!

My Thoughts: This book was so good!!!! I mean, it’s just so amazing, entertaining, cool, and well..awesome! The writing was detailed, interesting, and I think it made the book even better than the last one! The city was wonderfully written about, and made you feel like you were right there with the characters and magic, (I mean seriously, I was so intrigued by this book, when I finally put it down, I expected to see wisps of magic floating around in the air.) Anyways, the characters were just as amazing as the writing: well-developed, plus they were distinctive and likable. Kat was just as brave, passionate, and funny as ever, and all of her adventures are the things that just make this book so interesting. She was so brave when she went to find out what Lord Ravenscroft was (evilly!!!!) doing. I also liked how she was her usual bold self, but she still cared for her sisters, and Charles. Speaking of her sisters, I missed Elissa so much in this book! Luckily though, Angeline brought her scheming plans, and funny ideas. Lucy and Maria weren’t the most memorable characters, but they were still fun to read about. Maria was so annoying, it made her funny, and Lucy was really sweet and interesting, and it made me so sad when she got all creepy, and magic possessed! Anyways, this was an amazing book, that I give five out of five stars!

(Again, how cool is the full cover?)

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