Mimi Goes Camping!-A Photo Story

23 Jun

Summer is finally here! (Although I d0 still have to go to school for 4 more days. Ugh.) Anyways, to enjoy the wonderful weather, Mimi is going camping with two of her best buds, Lavender and Priscilla.


“Ready to go camping, Lavender?” Priscilla asked eagerly as she skipped along, carrying her back pack with her. “Yeah! It’s going to be so much fun! Roasting marshmallows, sleeping under the stars, and-” Lavender was about to ramble on and on, but she was cut off by a loud rumbling noise.


It was Mimi!…and a mountain of stuff…”Hi guys! Ready for camping?” “Yeah, but you do know that we’re only going camping for 2 days right, Mimi?” Lavender asked, as she stared in awe at Mimi’s abundance of items. “Of course! Don’t worry though, the rest of my stuff is coming in a moving truck…which should be here by now. Hmm…”


“I really don’t think you need all of this,” Priscilla said gesturing to the pile. “Hey! I’m not giving up any of my usual things…so instead of camping, I’m going glamping! Glamorous camping!” “Um…” “If it takes away your doubts, you can always share my tent! The description said it’s almost as big as a house!” Priscilla and Lavender got ready to go and set up their sleeping bags, “Wait! Guys! I have the s’mores supplies!”


Later that day…

“Ah..” Mimi sighed happily after finishing the glamorous decorating of her tent. “Home Sweet Home! I wonder how Lavender and Priscilla are doing with their sleeping bags…”


“Wow Mimi,” Lavender commented after Mimi’s tour of her tent. “Are you guys sure you don’t want to stay in my tent with me?” Mimi asked in response. “We’re fine,” Priscilla answered cheerfully.


“Hey! Look at what I found! I call it the Keep Coolirizer 1200! It’s a giant fan, spritz bottle, and it can act as a water fountain.”


“Cool! Why do you have the 1200 at the end?” “Because that makes it way more awesome!” Mimi laughed. “Anyways, why do you have it?” “I forget…I think I won it in a contest or maybe it was at the…” Mimi rambled. “One more question, what happened to Priscilla?”


“The fan is too strong!!!”


That evening after dinner, the 3 friends enjoyed delicious, gooey s’mores after the long day.




One Response to “Mimi Goes Camping!-A Photo Story”

  1. Veronica June 26, 2013 at 6:37 pm #

    Wow, our “school” let out May 23.

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