Mimi Goes To New York!

7 Jul

As some of you might remember, Mimi came with me to Vermont, and had an awesome photo story, and so now, she came with us to New York, and I took lots of photos! Even better, you can read some of Mimi’s Summer Journal where she wrote about some of the fun stuff we did while we were there…

Mimi’s Journal, Entry 1: Arriving in Ithaca

I’m finally out of that duffel bag! I mean seriously, although stylish, that bag is very stuffy! Where’s a personal space bubble when you need one? Anyways, we’re going out now, so…

bye for now,


IMG_2649Isn’t she adorable?

IMG_2653“I’m on the top of the world!”

IMG_2657“Isn’t it pretty?”

Mimi’s Journal, Entry 2: Visiting Cornell University

Now we’re walking around Cornell University, and I am practically dying in the heat. Luckily I heard Lulu saying that we’re going for ice cream soon. Ooh, I think we’re going to stop for a break! 


photo“That bridge looks strangely big!”

photo copy“Hello? Hi? Not much of a talker, are you?

Mimi’s Journal, Entry 3: Arriving in Syracuse

We just arrived in Syracuse after driving for a while, (and sitting on the side of the high way while we fixed up the car) and are going to look around Syracuse University before we have lunch and go home…


IMG_2664“Wow that’s a lot of stairs!”

IMG_2665“Hello up there!”

IMG_2674“Ooh, a red carpet!”

IMG_2683Don’t fall!

IMG_2684“Just me being awesome:)”

IMG_2688“Why are these stairs so oversized?”

IMG_2692Bye for now!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing Mimi around New York:)

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