Mimi Goes to the Beach!

17 Jul

I love summer, don’t you? I don’t enjoy the heat though. Mimi and her buds Sandy and Julie don’t either, so they headed to the beach this week to avoid the heat wave…

IMG_2810“Where’s Julie? She was supposed to meet us here.” “Hmm…Why don’t we set up first, and then we can look for her.”

IMG_2814After setting down their stuff, Sandy was about to head towards the water, but stopped when Mimi called out, “Hey! There’s Julie!” The two ran over to where their friend was lounging in the warm sun. “Where have you been?” Mimi demanded. “I’ve been here the whole time, silly!” Julie laughed in response.

IMG_2816And with that, the friends sat down and began to relax. Mimi got out her new magazine, Sandy began building her sandcastle, and Julie just laid down, and gazed up at the clear sky.

IMG_2821“Wait guys! I have something else that I brought!” Sandy exclaimed, running off to grab her surprise.

IMG_2826Sandy came back, lugging a giant beach ball with her. “Uh…Oh no! I think I might fall!!” She said, followed by a large “thump!” Mimi looked up in surprise, only to discover that her friend was half-covered in the sand, with the beach ball lying innocently a few feet away.

IMG_2829Mimi giggled at Sandy’s predicament, and announced, “Let’s go swimming!” She got up and sprinted into the nearby water, making a loud splash as she dived in.

IMG_2830Mimi was followed by the large beach ball into the water. “My beach ball!” Sandy cried as she chased after her toy with lightning speed.

IMG_2831The three friends spent the rest of the day swimming in the cool water, playing games and relaxing. A perfect afternoon!

Enjoy your summer!


One Response to “Mimi Goes to the Beach!”

  1. Sophie4503 July 17, 2013 at 10:55 pm #

    Cool photo story

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