Twice Upon A Time-A Book Review

29 Jul

Twice Upon a TimeTwice Upon A Time by James Riley

Summary-After discovering that May’s “grandmother” was the wicked queen, who Jack, Phillip, and May just might have released from imprisonment, the trio is on a journey to find out who May really is, and to stop the Wicked Queen from destroying everything. And the only way to do that is to find a fairy godmother, which might seem easy enough, until they discover that all of the fairies have been struck by a curse that the Wicked Queen put on their homelands. Even worse, a mysterious member of the Wicked Queen’s army, the Eyes, has been causing trouble for them wherever they go, and has been messing with Jack’s mind. Now the three must find a way to break the curse before sundown when a stampede of fire-breathing dragons come to burn down the fairy’s lands, and figure out a way to stop the Wicked Queen. Not as easy as they thought at all.

My Thoughts: I just love fantasies, don’t you? And of course, with this book’s cool cover and fun plot, it just made my day! Although not as good as the first book, this story was still full of great details, and whimsical ideas and settings. The different places that May, Jack, and Phillip traveled to made the story feel more adventurous and entertaining, and along with the well-developed characters the book came together easily. Speaking of the characters, I thought that Jack was again another great MC and was a refreshing point of view to read from, along with May, (who is still my favorite character:)) Anyways, May was awesome as always because of her personality, but this time around she seemed a bit less bold, and adventurous, but her fun jokes and sarcasm added the same comical relief to suspenseful moments, and always managed to make me smile. Phillip on the other hand was very caring and nice, but still was brave and adventurous. Continuing, the supporting characters are one of the reasons that the book was so good because of all of their tricks, ideas, traits, and other things that made the book so good. I also really like how most of them were from original fairy tales, but the author put a fun twist in them like the fact that the Land of Never, (A.KA. Never Land) was actually a whole illusion to make everyone trapped in their that they were part of the story.

Lastly, I thought that all the different settings in this book were very interesting, like the under water castle and fairy homelands so I’m hoping that in the next book in the trilogy there were will be more of that, (plus I really want to read the third book because of the cliff hanger ending!) Overall this was an amazing book that I give four out of five stars.

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  1. Bella August 12, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

    This sounds like a good book! I haven’t read a good fantasy in a while, so maybe I will try this one out! :]


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