It’s All About Mimi Week!

20 Aug

Mimi CollageDo you know what my favorite type of post to write is? Mimi’s photo stories, of course! Because of how fun they are, I decided to make this whole week of posts all about Mimi! She will be doing all sorts of cool things this week in her stories, from making pizza and s’mores to becoming a super secret spy! So now without further delay, I give you all about Mimi Week, post #1…

IMG_3304Today, Mimi and Sir Pugs A Lot are making pizza!

IMG_3305“This is going to be so much fun!” Mimi said excitedly as she bounced over to the counter. “Yeah!” Sir Pugs A Lot answered, trying to hop up onto the stool. “Okay, so first we have to get all of the things for the dough…flour…a bowl…what else?” Mimi wondered as she started to block Sir Pugs A Lot’s way.

IMG_3307“Um…I can’t really see, you know…” Sir Pugs A Lot jumped up and down trying to get a better view.

IMG_3308“Anyways, here, I just have to mix it up!” Mimi exclaimed, ignoring Sir Pug’s A Lot’s comment, She hopped up onto the counter, and began to stir the ingredients…until there was a big “boom!”

IMG_3309And then Mimi came crashing down. “Maybe we should just buy the dough…” Sir Pugs A Lot suggested. “Yeah…”

IMG_3310Finally, after getting some dough, and spreading the sauce and cheese on, the two friends started to decorate their pizzas.

IMG_3314“Wait! My need’s more!” Mimi announced as she started frantically grabbing things from the kitchen cupboards.

IMG_3317“There! With a finishing touch of pie!”

IMG_3319“Or not.” Mimi smiled guiltily as she accidentally brushed the pizza off the counter. “Let’s go out for pizza instead.” Sir Pugs A Lot instructed. “That sounds like a good idea.”

IMG_3321“This is much better!”

IMG_3322The End!


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