Mimi The Trapeze Artist-All About Mimi Week

21 Aug

Slide1I hope you enjoyed Mimi’s first pizza making adventure this week! Today Mimi decided to try something very new, along with her buddy Lavender…

IMG_3336Today, Mimi became a trapeze artist!

IMG_3335The nice summer weather was perfect for Mimi to try out her newest talent. “Hey Lavender! Are you getting just as dizzy as me?” Mimi called to her friend as she swung back and forth.

IMG_3338“Nope! I’m simply grinning from ear to ear!” Lavender replied, laughing.

IMG_3341“You know what?” Mimi asked. “This isn’t as fun as I thought it would be.” “It’s probably because we don’t know how to do any of those cool tricks yet.” “Oh well, I think we’ve been swinging here for long enough! Want a snack?” Mimi commented as she struggled to get down.

IMG_3344“Um…Mimi? I’m stuck.” Lavender sighed.

IMG_3337“Well, it looks like we’ll be hanging around for a while!”

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