Mimi The Stylist-All About Mimi Week

23 Aug

Slide1Hi everyone! It’s me, Mimi, posting! So far this has been a super fun week, and so today I thought I would try something new…

IMG_3384I decided to become a hair stylist! After spending all morning getting supplies, figuring out what I was supposed to do do, and coming up with a fun name, I was ready!

IMG_3387By lunchtime, my amazing hair salon, Puurfect Styles, (see what I did there?) was open, and I had already got my first customer.

IMG_3388“Hi Fifi!” I exclaimed happily, grabbing my friend, Fifi The Pink Poodle a styling cape. “What kind of style do you want today?” After thinking for a few moments, Fifi finally came up with an answer. “Since I usually get it curled, how about today, you give me something totally new!”

IMG_3390I worked like lighting, snipping and styling away until I had finally pulled the last bow tight enough. “Ta-da!” I spread my arms out to show off my masterpiece. “Um…thanks…” Fifi said, pulling at the ribbons as she trudged out the door. (Some people can be tough critics!)

IMG_3394Soon, Herald the Unicorn stopped by, and I knew just what to do with his tangled fur. It was going to be the best style anyone had ever seen!

IMG_3395“And, done!” I announced, laying down my brush. “How do you like it? The ribbons match your horn!” Herald shrugged, and straightened his bow tie before leaving. (Okay! Maybe it wasn’t my best work, but I still think I’m pretty good at this hair styling thing.)

IMG_3397My last customer of the day was French Minnie, who I thought actually ended up looking pretty nice! (And I think she thought so to, because she actually took one of my free hair style coupons!)

IMG_3400After a long day, I decided to head home. Maybe, tomorrow I’ll turn my hair salon into a bakery…now that would be fun…and delicious!

Well bye for now!


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