Mimi The Baker-All About Mimi Week

24 Aug

Slide1Don’t you just love sweet treats? Well, Mimi sure does! So it was no surprise when she decided to open up her own bakery…

IMG_3403With her matching apron, and counter stocked with sweet goodies, Mimi was prepared for her bakery to open!

IMG_3407Very soon her buddy Nellie dropped by to place an order. “I need 40 cupcakes by the end of the day,” Nellie told Mimi, who nodded happily. “I can make 4 cupcakes in a day, easy!” Mimi said cheerfully, as her friend left to finish her errands.

IMG_3408Mimi got to work right away, mixing, and pouring all the ingredients into a large bowl, creating the perfect batter.

IMG_3412“I’ll just pop these in the oven, and then I’m done!” Mimi shoved her pan into the hot oven with a “clink!”

IMG_3413About an hour later, the timer rang through the bakery, and Mimi hurried to pull her cupcakes out of the oven before they burned. She plopped them down on the counter with a smile. Mimi had made possibly the most delicious-looking cupcakes in the world!

IMG_3415Wanting them to be ready before Nellie came back, Mimi slipped the cupcakes onto a napkin and put them inside one of her delivery boxes.

IMG_3421“Here you go!” Mimi slid the box over to Nellie, who had just arrived, and was eager to see Mimi’s sweets. “Um…Mimi? I sort of asked for 40 cupcakes…not 4.” Mimi glanced over at the pad on the counter, where she had written the order. “Oops! But, don’t worry! Just give me about an hour!” And with that, She went to work.

IMG_3424The end! :)


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