Mimi The Super Spy-All About Mimi Week!

26 Aug

Slide1So…hasn’t this week been so fun?! I’ve loved coming up with ideas for all of Mimi’s stories, and this has to be one of my favorites of All About Mimi Week! Anyways, today, Mimi decided to become a…

IMG_3427Super Spy!

IMG_3431“Oh! Hi, Pippaloo!” Mimi said to her friend who she had invited over to see her headquarters. “Welcome to my Super Secret Headquarters!” “I like the name. Subtle.” Pippaloo answered, looking around. “Anyways, do you want to be my super secret spy partner?” Mimi asked eagerly. “Okay!”

IMG_3435“So, our case today is all about cookies!” “Cookies?” Pippaloo wondered, taking a seat next to the computer. “Quacky the Ladybug’s evil scheme is to steal all of the world’s cookies!” Mimi announced dramatically. “Wait, what kind of name is Quacky?” “A lovable fluffy ladybug’s of course!” Mimi told her, receiving a shrug in reply.

IMG_3440Meanwhile, at Quacky the Ladybug’s house, a party was being thrown to celebrate the success of the cookie plan! Little did everyone know, Mimi and Pippaloo were about to sneak in…

IMG_3442“Pippaloo? Pippaloo?” Mimi whispered as she dangled above the room below. “Where are you?”

IMG_3445“Right here!” Pippaloo breathed heavily. “Huh?” “I got stuck in a bush while we were climbing up the wall.” She leaned back to grab her water, and suddenly came tumbling down!

IMG_3447“Oops!” Was all Pippaloo could manage to say. “Who are you?” Quacky asked rushing over.

IMG_3450“W-A-A-A-A-A-I-I-I-T-T-T-T-T-T!” Mimi called as she came falling down too. “And to answer your question, we are the people who are here to stop your evil plan!”

IMG_3454“Well how are you going to do that?” Quacky demanded. “I don’t know!” Mimi exclaimed. “But I’m very angry, because I really like cookies, and I want one right now, but I can’t have one because you took them all!” She humphed.

IMG_3457“Hey!” Pippaloo said, walking over to Mimi, and whispering a plan into her ear. “Oh, okay!” Mimi nodded before turning to Quacky. “If you don’t return the cookies, we will make you eat vegetables!” Quacky turned, looking horrified. “NO!!!”

IMG_3459“Nice job.” Mimi congratulated her friend.

IMG_3437The End. :)


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