Percy Jackson, The Titan’s Curse-A Book Review

30 Aug

The Titan’s Curse (Book 3 in the Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series) by Rick Riordan

When the goddess Artemis, and the daughter of Athena, Annabeth are captured by the rising group of titans, teen demigod, and son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson must go on an epic quest to save them, along with the help of his two friends Thalia (daughter of Zeus) and Grover, and Artemis’s elite all-girl group of huntresses. Along the way, Percy encounters magical beings with powers stronger than he could have thought possible, a monster so important it could cause either the rise or the fall of Olympus, and a prophecy that could mean his certain death. Can Percy save his friends, and defeat the powerful army of traitors made up of former friends and dangerous monsters?

My Thoughts: When I start to read a book a day, it generally means that I have gotten hooked on a great series, (which by the way I did!) The Titan’s Curse was just as good as the first two books that come before it in the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series. It had plenty of adventure, fun, and detail to make one great story. The plot was fast paced and interesting, plus the book had some new characters thrown in to make it even more entertaining. I thought that the Huntresses were pretty fun, (You should read the capture the flag chapter!) and I also liked that Thalia had an important role in this book since she was absent for the 1st one and most of the 2nd one. Like always, the supporting characters are really what made the book move along, even with Annabeth, (who’s more of a main character, but she’s still my favorite in the whole book, so…) missing for a lot of it. Grover added comical relief, Zoe had smart reflexes and bravery, plus with the addition of two more demigods, Nico and Bianca, a bit of mystery was added as well. Overall, this was an amazing book that I give five out of five stars!


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