My Cupcake Analysis!

2 Sep


Don’t you just love summer? The lazy days spent outside, the vacations and camps…and of course the cupcakes! Over the course of the summer, my family tried all sorts of delicious cupcakes, and since I’m about to go back to school, it’s time for me to talk about…(drumroll please:))…CUPCAKES!

headerCupcake Shop #1

Ooh! We got some sweets from the adorable shop City Girl Cupcake for my sister’s birthday back in July, and I have to say that these had the most delicious filling of all! Below are pictures of the two cupcakes I tried, Chocolate Lava and Ice Cream Sundae.

Ice Cream Cupcake

Chocolate Lava

Don’t they look delicious?

Cupcake Shop #2

We went to Cupcake Charlie’s for my Mom’s birthday in the beginning of August, and I enjoyed a cookies ‘n’ cream flavored cupcake that had LOTS of frosting. (Very yummy by the way…I sort of just ate the frosting before I ate the actual cake…don’t worry, I have a process!) It wasn’t my favorite shop of the summer, but a cupcake is still a cupcake.

That was such a good oreo…

Cupcake Shop #3

After a day spent shopping at the Boden Warehouse Sale, my sister, Mom, and I relaxed and enjoyed some tasty desserts at the very busy shop, Georgetown Cupcakes! The presentation of the cupcakes was great (until it was destroyed when I took my first bite out of the top!) and they were some very delicious treats!

Those were really good…

Cupcake Shop #4

For the last cupcake tasting the summer, my family headed down to The Duck and Bunny Snuggery, (don’t you just love that word?) yesterday afternoon, where I devoured a cookie dough cupcake complete with a cookie inside…(and a little bit of my dad’s Raspberry Lemonade flavored one!) Their cupcakes had a perfect amount of frosting, and a nice presentation, and I can’t wait to go back and have a brunch there. (They have a peanut butter and banana sandwich! How awesome is that?)


Best Filling-City Girl Cupcake

Best Presentation-Georgetown Cupcakes

Best Amount of Frosting-Cupcake Charlie’s

Best Tasting-Duck and Bunny 

Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed my rambling cupcake thoughts!



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