Lulu’s Love List of Awesomeness!

25 Sep

Sophie and Lili Watercolor Sketches

A while ago, my mom ordered some super awesome watercolor portraits of me and my sister four our rooms from the shop, Sophie and Lili, and I have to say that they were pretty cool! The portraits have great color, and simplicity, plus the shop also makes cute toys!

A Question of MagicA Question Of Magic By E.D. Baker

How awesome is this?! Not only is E.D. Baker one of my favorite authors, her new book is coming out in October…just in time for my birthday:) The book has a promising plot, some interesting characters I can’t wait to read about, and it has a purple cover…seriously, what could be better?

shirtGap’s New Halloween T-Shirts

Although it’s a little early, I couldn’t resist putting this adorable shirt on today’s Love List. After getting Gap’s Halloween-themed top last year, I have high hopes for this one…plus it has fun colors, embellishments, and a cute graphic, so I’m very excited!

Two Tone Chocolate TreatsChocolate Crispy Treats with White Chocolate on Top

First of all, how delicious do those look? Second of all, combining crispy treats, chocolate, and of course white chocolate (one of the best foods ever!)-is probably one of the tastiest snack ideas in a while. A few days ago, my sister made a batch, and they’re almost already gone!

What awesome things are you loving this week?



One Response to “Lulu’s Love List of Awesomeness!”

  1. Abby W. September 26, 2013 at 6:31 pm #

    Cute list!

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