The Enchantress Returns-A Book Review

2 Oct

To read my review of the first book in the series, click here.

The Enchantress Returns By Chris Colfer

Summary: When Alex and Conner Bailey return to the Land Of Stories where famous fairy tale characters live, they discover it is no longer the magical paradise they remember. Not only is the entire Eastern Kingdom closed off by vines and thorns, the powerful Enchantress who cursed Sleeping Beauty is back, and more powerful than ever before. If the twins want to stop her from taking over, and save their mother and the young Princess Hope, they must join forces with royals Queen Red Riding Hood and Froggy (or Prince Charlie as he was known as before he was turned into a frog), along with on the run outlaws Jack and Goldilocks to retrieve six magical items to create the invincible Wand of Wonderment. But even if Alex and Conner succeed in creating the wand, will they be able to face the Enchantress…and the even bigger challenge that they are going to meet before their adventure is over?

My Thoughts: Last year when I had a day off of school, I spent it reading Chris Colfer’s children’s book, The Wishing Spell, and I thought it was awesomely written, and so I got so excited when I found out that the sequel would be coming out in August. After reading it last week, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the beginning of The Enchantress Returns, but the book got much better as it progressed.

The plot of this book was very entertaining, and I wanted to read more once Alex and Conner arrived in the Land Of Stories since I thought that the first fifty pages or so when they were in the real world were slightly boring. Other than that though, I really enjoyed seeing how their adventure went, from visiting the Snow Queen’s Castle to climbing up the Jack’s famous beanstalk.

This book does have a large amount of characters, but because of all their distinctive traits and personalities I never got mixed up. Alex and Conner were likable main characters and I thought that the were pretty funny and interesting, but they weren’t very memorable…unlike the supporting characters. Oh, this book had so many awesome supporting characters, I don’t know where to start. Goldilocks and Jack were both brave, and a cute couple, not to mention Goldilocks’ very entertaining grudge against Queen Red Riding Hood. Speaking of Queen Red, she was probably my favorite character in the whole story! Although she was silly and self-absorbed at points, she was still sweet and kind at others, (especially with Froggy….) Even the villains in this book were wonderfully written about and detailed! Through the whole book I wanted to see what Ezmia would do next, and Rumpelstiltskin’s story was so sad:( Anyways, The Enchantress Returns is a good book with fun characters and lots of laughs that I give three out of five stars.


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