The House of Hades-A Book Review

27 Oct

Hi! So sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but don’t worry! I have lots of fun posts planned for the next few days, starting with this review of The House Of Hades book. (To read my reviews of the other three books in the series, click here.)

House of HadesThe House of Hades by Rick Riordan

Summary: Right when our brave seven demigods thought that they had won a small victory, Percy and Annabeth fell straight into Tartarus leaving the other demigods (and us, the readers!) in despair. While the other five travel across the ancient lands to the Doors of Death, Percy and Annabeth travel through Tartarus…leaving them feel more alone and helpless than ever. Can Frank finally accept his role as a child of the Roman god Mars? Can Hazel choose the right direction at her crossroads? Can Piper realize her true powers? Can Jason step up as a leader? Can Leo start feeling sure of himself (maybe with the help of an immortal girl imprisoned on a magical island that no one can ever find twice..?) And can Percy and Annabeth survive Tartarus if they have each other? Even as these questions swirl through the demigod’s heads, Gaea the evil earth spirit begins to rise and cause trouble throughout the demigods’ world…

My Thoughts: Who else was desperately waiting to find out what happened next in the Heroes of Olympus series? After finishing The Mark of Athena, I couldn’t wait to read the next book, so I was super excited when I received The House Of Hades as a birthday present! In this story, Rick Riordan uses a perfect blend of humor, suspense, adventure, and mythology to create one big book of awesomeness!

This time around, the demigods are traveling to the ancient lands so that they can save Percy and Annabeth and close the Doors of Death. Throughout their adventure, I felt that there was lots of good character development and just general awesomeness! (Who else was a bit happy when Grover and Rachel made an appearance?) Percy and Annabeth were just so cute together, and you could feel for them when they were traveling through Tartarus and had to face all the challenges, (I thought that the whole ‘curse for every monster’ thing was really interesting to read about,) and you always smiled when they had happy or funny moments. Speaking their happy and funny moments, most of them were because of Bob, who happens to probably be one of the best and nicest monsters of all:) (His best line, “I will call him Small Bob….He is a good monster.”) I was also especially proud of Hazel and Frank in this book! (Weren’t you?) I mean who else would battle a bunch of scary cattle monsters in the middle of a random bridge, and stand up to a mysterious goddess? I also really liked Leo in this book, and enjoyed reading about his time on Calypso’s island, (they should totally start that repair shop together:)) Finally, I think that Piper and Jason grew as characters over the course of the story, from taking the lead to being more compassionate and brave. Anyways, this was a super amazing, awesome book that I give five out of five stars!

Did you read the House of Hades Book?



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