Make A Ghost Garland! (The Spooky Adventures of Lulu, Day 2)

28 Oct


Since I showed you my Halloween animation about two ghosts yesterday (I thought it came out really cute:)), I decided I would continue my theme, and make a ‘ghost garland’ today…

craftYou will need: Scrapbook Paper, Scissors, a pencil, ribbon or thread, tape, and a marker.

Step 1: Start by sketching out a ghost shape on a blank sheet of paper and cutting it out so you can use it as a tracer.

Step 2: Use the tracer to draw and cut out ghosts on pattered scrapbook paper. (You’ll need about 10-15 ghosts.)

Step 3: With your marker, decorate your ghosts. (I just gave them happy faces:))

Step 4: Tape (or staple and glue if you prefer,) your ghosts onto a piece of ribbon or thread, (but don’t cut it until after you have taped everything to make sure you have enough space.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Check back tomorrow for a fun Mimi story!


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