Mimi and the Haunted Bedroom-(The Spooky Adventures of Lulu, Day 3)

30 Oct


Have you liked the Spooky Adventures of Lulu posts so far? (I personally think that they are super fun to write!) And as you might have noticed, all of my Halloween-themed posts so far have involved ghosts, so of course Mimi had to join in the fun!

IMG_3741Today, Mimi was working on her Halloween costume…

IMG_3744As she added the finishing touches, Mimi smiled and stuffed the costume into her bag. “Oh! I can’t wait to show Lavender!” And with that, Mimi ran out of her bedroom so she could meet her friend.

IMG_3746Little did Mimi know that a very intense game of tag was going on between one of her brothers and their friend Sir Pugs A Lot…and that game of tag was making its way into her bedroom.

IMG_3749As Sir Pugs A Lot dashed around all of Mimi’s fluffy pink things, he turned around for a second…and then collided with Mimi’s favorite statue, (Which was of herself :) ) and heard a cracking noise echo throughout the room.

IMG_3753“Quick,” Moonlight the cat exclaimed. “Mimi’s coming back!” At that very moment, Mimi skipped through the doorway and put her things on the chair, without even noticing that there was a cat and a dog hiding behind it.

IMG_3754That’s when Mimi turned around. “Oh no! My favorite statue!!! And it was of myself!” She sobbed, seeing the broken object lying on the pink rug. “Who would do this?!” And then, the ghost theory crossed her mind.

IMG_3760“My bedroom is haunted!!” Mimi said aloud, confirming her thoughts to herself. “I have to tell Lavender!”

IMG_3764While Mimi ran back to her friend’s house, Moonlight and Sir Pugs A Lot were coming up with a plan. “Okay, so do we tell Mimi I broke the statue-” “No!” “Oh..um…well then we could tell her that..um..”

IMG_3767But their planning time had run out, because two giggling voices that belonged to Mimi and Lavendar were getting louder and louder, so of course…instead of finding a better hiding spot…they jumped behind the chair again…without knowing that Mimi’s basket was being dragged by Moonlight’s tail.

IMG_3768“I think my bedroom is haunted!” Mimi was telling Lavendar excitedly when they came walking in. Despite Lavendar’s doubtful expression, Mimi was sure there was still a ghost. “See…now my basket is gone too!”

IMG_3770“Your room isn’t haunted! There are just some annoying boys in it!” Lavendar declared, walking over to the chair to reveal Moonlight and Sir Pugs A Lot’s hiding spot.

IMG_3772“Why are you in my room?!” “Did you break her statue?” “No, Sir Pugs A Lot did!” “Hey!” And so, the arguing went on for some time until a mysterious voice said…


IMG_3777“See, I told you my room was haunted!” Mimi said as everyone started running around frantically.

IMG_3779Mimi hopes that you enjoyed her latest adventure:)


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