Lulu’s Love List Of Random Awesomeness!

11 Nov


I hope that you’re having an awesome day! To make it even better, I have a great Love List today!

Pippaloo’s November Release

My sister and I just love Pippaloo’s doll food, and we always look forward to the monthly release! This time around, the theme of the food is for holiday parties, along with a few fun things thrown in! Photos of the food were recently posted on Pippaloo’s website, and my current favorite is the grilled cheese and Gold Fish cracker set.

Blondie LockesBlondie Locks

I am obsessed with the Ever After High doll line, (which is made by Mattel!) It follows the story of the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytale characters from Snow White to the Evil Queen. I currently own 2 of the six that have been released, but photos of three new dolls (Blondie Locks, C.A. Cupid, and Cerise Hood) have been posted and I can’t wait for the dolls to be released! My favorite so far has to be Blondie Locks (shown above,) who is coming out soon:)

bec1b9ca573a390708c7bd51edebc87dThe Little Mermaid

Tomorrow I’m going to the auditions for my school’s production of the Little Mermaid! I’ve been practicing my audition song all weekend, and I’m super excited! (By the way, isn’t that poster so cool?)

pBBW1-16817677v275Bath and Body Works‘ New Winter Fragrance Line

This month, I’m having a cookie-making party, and for the party favors, I’m giving out hand sanitizers! The one above is my favorite from the new winter line (it has five in all) because it smells so good and it just has a cute design, but the others like Winter Candy Apple and Vanilla Bean are fun too:)

IMG_3949Cookie and Cocoa Swirl Butter 

Cookie butter is delicious! My mom, sister, and I were at Trader Joe’s this weekend, and we picked up a jar of Cookie and Cocoa Swirl butter, and I have to say that I loved it! It’s a great topping for apples or graham crackers, and I definitely recommend trying it!

Have an awesome afternoon,



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