Three Times Lucky-A Book Review

25 Nov


So sorry for the lack of posting lately, I’ve been really busy, but don’t worry! Today I have a book review of an awesome story called Three Times Lucky

Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage

Summary: 11-year-old, Mo Lebeau had big plans for the summer. She was going to find her upstream mother, work at the town’s cafe, and hang out with her best friend Dale…but she never would have expected that she would end up investigating a murder! When one of the small town of Tupelo Landing’s residents is murdered, Mo and Dale are determined to solve the case. Together they open their own detective business, The Desperado Detective Agency, and with a bit of luck, they’re sure they can find out who did it. But when Mo’s step parents are kidnapped by the murderer, Mo needs more than just luck to get them back!

My Thoughts: With its fun setting, quirky characters, amazing writing, and detail, Three Times Lucky was an awesome mystery told from the point of view of a brave, smart, and funny main character! It had just enough adventure, humor, and mystery to appeal to several audiences, plus it was a pretty awesome book overall!

Anyways, Three Times Lucky has a large group of supporting characters that each have a distinctive personality trait or something else to make them memorable. Mo was a refreshing and unique main character that you couldn’t help but like once you read the first chapter, (you really can’t help but like the whole book by the time you read the first sentence, though!) Because of her humor, smarts, and likableness, you want to read all about her from the very second you start the book to when you finish! And even though Mo was a stellar main character (and she really was!), it was the supporting characters in this book that shined in my opinion! Dale was loyal and sweet, and I thought it was nice of him to help Mo out at the Cafe, and with the mystery. Though, I do hope that in the sequel to Three Times Lucky, (it’s coming out in February, I can’t wait:)) Dale is developed more as a character so that we can read more about him. Oh, and the Colonel and Miss Lana..they’re just such a cute couple! In the beginning I liked reading about the differences between The Colonel’s cafe version, (completely clean and orderly,) and Miss Lana’s, (A bit untidy with a different theme everyday,) but I also found it sweet about how much they cared about Mo, and it made me so sad when they went missing:( Anyways, the rest of the townspeople, were one of my favorite parts of the whole book. Skeeter and Sally were my favorite out of all of them, but Mayor Little and Grandmother Lacey Thorton were fun too. Even Anna Celeste and Detective Starr had their moments! I mean I could go on and on describing all of the supporting characters, but for now you’ll just have to go and read the book yourself! Anyways, this was one of the best books I read this month, and I give it five out of five stars!



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