Make Paper Snowflakes (The New and Improved Version!)

11 Dec


Make Paper SnowflakesLast year, (or was it 2 years ago?) I posted a craft on making paper snowflakes. This year I made some more, but I cut and folded them differently, and I think that it’s a much easier way to make them, and the results are better! So without further ado…

You will need: Paper, a bowl (or something else you can trace to get a circle), scissors, and a pencil

IMG_4086Step 1: Start by tracing a circle on your paper using the bowl as a tracer. Cut the circle out.

SnowflakesStep 2: Fold the circle in half, and then into quarters, and then once more, (Like shown above.)

IMG_4092Step 3: Draw out your design on the paper. (The one in the picture is a basic design, I added more details to the finished snowflake.)

IMG_4093Step 4: Cut the design out. (Be careful no to cut to far to the edge, you don’t want to cut off half of your snowflake!)

IMG_4095Ta-da! You have a snowflake!


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