The Diamond Of Drury Lane-A Book Review

15 Dec


The Diamond of Drury Lane by Julia Golding

Summary: It’s the year 1790, and in England, orphan Cat Royal spends her days in the Theater Royal, after being taken in by the owner Mr. Sheridan several years ago. When Cat learns about a mysterious diamond that was said to be hidden in the theater, she’s put in charge of protecting it-if only she knew where it was. But when a young violinist named Pedro Hawkins joins the theater’s orchestra, the two find themselves searching for the diamond. Add a hidden prompter, a lord and lady, and a greedy gang leader who’s willing to do anything to get what he wants-and you get an adventure worthy of applause!

My Thoughts: Oh my gosh! This series is so utterly amazing! It’s too awesome to describe, I mean really, with such a likable and smart main protagonist you really couldn’t help but get sucked into the story from the first page. Filled with wit, humor, adventure, danger, an interesting story, and plenty of great characters, The Diamond of Drury Lane, was a book that left me speechless, (in the best way possible!)

Cat Royal is probably one of the most memorable main characters I’ve read about for so many different reasons. Not only does she make you laugh, she’s super smart, brave, adventurous, bold, and she also happens to act before she thinks, which although gets her into trouble, the book would be a lot less interesting if Cat never got into any…anyways, the rest of the characters were all distinctive and well-developed, plus they were just plain likable (with the exception of Billy Shepard who was very creepy.) Pedro, even though he acted a bit suspicious at first, turned out to be a great friend, which I think is such a great quality. One of my favorite parts of the book was in the beginning when Pedro helped save Cat from the broken hot air balloon set because it was the beginning of their friendship:) Another great character was Syd because he was so loyal to Cat, and I thought that it was sweet how he took her under his wing when they were little! Anyways, Johnny was awesome. I mean, you have to be pretty awesome to go and rescue your friend from a crazy gang leader with no protection! I was sad when he left in the end of the book, but luckily he comes back in another book in the series. Oh, and speaking of crazy gang leaders, Billy Shepard, was obviously a crazy gang leader…I mean he was acting pretty crazy at one part of the book, (which I would tell you more about, but it would spoil a lot of the story.) Finally, Frank and Lizzie were so kind and funny! I would so want them as my friends too, and it made me happy when they helped Cat out:)

Overall this was such a wonderful book that I suggest you read it as soon as possible, and I give it five out of five stars!


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