Cat Among The Pigeons-A Book Review

17 Dec


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Cat Among The Pigeons by Julia Golding

Summary: Cat hasn’t gotten into too much trouble recently, but when her friend Pedro’s old salve master comes back to take him away, Cat has to come up with a plan…and quick! To top it all off, she’s on the run from the law and must disguise herself as a boy, deal with the devious Billy Shepard, and go to dangerous lengths to save her friend-but can she do it all before Pedro is taken away forever?

My Thoughts: Oh, Cat Among The Pigeons, if only all books had your awesomeness…Now, if you read my review of the first book in the Cat Royal series, The Diamond of Drury Lane, you may know I’m a little bit obsessed with the Cat Royal books…Okay, maybe I’m a lot obsessed, but the books are so good, once you read one of them, you’re hooked:) Filled with the same humor, adventure, and suspense as the first book, this one was still able to surprise me and brought lots of new exciting situations and characters.

Cat was wonderful as usual, and she’ll probably remain on my top ten favorite book characters list for a while because of her courageous and bold personality, and her tendency to get into trouble, which ends up making a pretty awesome story. Although Pedro was absent for a lot of the book, he still was a great friend, and you were hoping and hoping he would be saved during all of the suspense because he is such a likable character. I thought the last part of the book where he and Cat were in the snow was really sweet because it shows how strong their friendship is, even after all of the events of the book that had happened earlier:) (I would tell you more about it, but I don’t want to spoil the ending for you.) Anyways, Billy was an evil, creepy, crazy person just like in the first book for most of the story…but then he had to go and ruin it by saving Cat…which means I have to not like him less…which is very hard considering, as I said before he is an evil, creepy, crazy person. But on a happier note, the whole disguising as a boy at the fancy boarding school part of the book was pretty funny! Frank and Charlie added comical relief, but that part of the book also shows that they cared about Cat a lot:)

Overall this was another super amazing Cat Royal Adventure that I give five out of five stars!!!!!!!


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