Den Of Thieves-A Book Review

20 Dec


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Den of Thieves by Julia Golding

Summary: Cat Royal is back…and this time she’s heading to France! When the Theater Royal is closed for renovations, Cat is left with nowhere to go…until Mr. Sheridan sends her to Paris to act as his spy! Disguised as a ballerina, Cat joins the crowded streets of Paris and learns about the revolution. But when the French King flees the country, Cat’s friend Frank’s family is accused of helping the royal family to escape. In order to save her friends, Cat will need the help of a gang of thieves, a rebel lord, and her wits…and then there’s the little matter of settling a deal with her least favorite gang leader back in England!

My Thoughts: Although I missed the entertaining setting of the Theater Royal, Cat still brought her usual suspenseful adventure with her to France! I loved reading about Cat’s experiences in the streets of Paris, which were jam-packed with wit and danger from the very moment she arrived. (In Cat’s first day there, she was almost hanged by a crazed mob, and was robbed by a very interesting gang of thieves.) Every page left you wanting to know what would happen next, which, by the way, makes it really hard to put the book down at all:) Not only that, but Cat’s relationships with her friends (and enemies!) were further developed, and I look forward to seeing where they go in the next few books. Anyways, with it’s several unique settings, plots, and characters, Den of Thieves was full of the same humor and excitement that makes me love the Cat Royal series so much!

In all of my reviews of the Cat Royal books, I’ve talked about how Cat is one of my favorite book characters because of her courage, quick-thinking, humor, boldness, and tendency to get into trouble, but in this book, you were really able to see more of her feelings, and stubbornness. In the first part of the story, I felt so bad for Cat as she roamed the streets of London to find somewhere to go, and when she finally did she was cheated out of her most personal possessions:( Luckily, Cat was back to her usual good spirits by the time she was in Paris, and was caught up in all sorts of mysterious plots! Another character I enjoyed reading about in this book was Frank, who was showcased a bit more this time around, which made me happy because he’s been such a good friend to Cat in the past. He was really able to cheer Cat up when she was in her funk, and was helpful for Cat to have in France, (even if he did get the two of them lost in the beginning:)) I was so worried for him when he had to go into hiding, and I was even more worried for Lizzie, the Duke, and Duchess since they were taken to jail! Speaking of Lizzie, I was so excited when I read that she would get to see Johnny again, but then her very annoying cousin who doesn’t even make an appearance in the book had to go and ruin their plans!!!!! Don’t worry though, Lizzie does get a happy ending, (I just don’t want to spoil the it for you…) Continuing, JF was acting a bit suspicious at first, but I was surprised to see how his feelings for Cat grew, and how he tried to rescue her, and even saved her from a deal with a certain gang leader who has awful taste in furniture. Which annoying gang leader am I talking about you may ask…why Billy Shepard, recurring antagonist of course! Oh, and he does have awful taste in furniture from how Cat described it. Besides that, he was acting just as evil as usual, and his very creepy obsession with Cat seems to be growing and growing throughout the series, for now though, Cat is safe, but I’m sure she’ll get into more trouble with him in the next book. Finally, although Syd was absent for most of the story, there was a pretty big surprise moment in the beginning that I don’t want to spoil…but it made me jump in surprise…seriously. So, for now, you’ll just have to go and read this awesome book that I give five out of five stars (again!) yourself!


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