My Top Ten Favorite Quotes from Holiday Specials

21 Dec


Slide01Since Christmas is so soon and I’ve been watching all of my favorite holiday specials and movies, I decided to make a list of my top ten favorite quotes from them! Enjoy…

Slide02This year, my family got Prep and Landing on DVD, which I’m very happy about because it’s just so cute and funny! My favorite line is by Lanny the Elf, “This is so tinsel!”

Slide03What is there really to say about this quote? It’s just so awesome!

Slide04Let me just say that Buddy the Elf rocks, and that this line is completely true:)

Slide05Even though this quote creates a few problems for Frosty the Snowman, it still always makes me laugh because of the goofy way the character says it!

Slide06Oh, I love the Polar Express! My family watches it every year on Christmas Eve, and I’m super excited to see it again. :)

Slide07Yes, Virginia is such a cute Christmas special, and I love watching it every year. This quote sums up all of it’s awesomeness for me!

Slide08Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have a cup of hot cocoa with the Kringle’s?

Slide09My favorite part of A Charlie Brown Christmas is when all the kids realize the tree that Charlie Brown picked out wasn’t so bad after all, and this quote sums up the entire scene for me.

Slide10I die of cuteness overload every time Cindy Lu Who says this…

Slide11Yes Rudolph, yes you are.

Do you have any favorite Holiday Special quotes?


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