Make A Penguin Garland-A Craft

6 Jan


Slide1On my bedroom door, I usually make a garland to hang up, but since for the holidays I had made an evergreen tree garland, it was time for something new. I decided to make a penguin-themed one to match the stuffed animal penguins I made myself from a sewing kit. This craft does take a bit longer than my other garlands, but the results are adorable!

You Will Need-Scrapbook/construction paper, scissors, glue, tape or a stapler, and ribbon.

Step 1- Sketch out a penguin (just the body, no feet or details needed for now) on a piece of blank paper and cut it out to act as your tracer.

Step 2- Using your tracer, cut out 5-8 penguins. Then cut out noses, feet, and white circles for your penguins.

Step 3- Glue your penguins together and draw on eyes.

Step 4- Lay your penguins out on a piece of ribbon to make sure you have enough space for all of them.

Step 5- Staple or tape your penguins on the ribbon.


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