Broken Ladder Friendship Bracelet-A Craft

27 Jan



Yesterday I posted my Love List and I featured a friendship bracelet I made last week: the Broken Ladder! It’s an easy pattern, and turns out amazing, so let’s get started…

You will need- Four colors of embroidery thread, scissors, a ruler, and something to hold the thread down while you tie it, (a clipboard works well.)

Step 1- Start by cutting about 56 inches of embroidery thread in four colors.

Step 2- Fold the thread in half and tie off at the top. (So now you should have eight threads that are 28 inches each.)

Step 3- Space out your strings so that they are on the other side of each other. (So in my case, dark pink was the farthest out on both the right and left, then purple, then turquoise, and the light pink strings were next to each other in the middle.)

Step 4- (To make the rest of these steps easier, I’ll just explain them in my colors) Start by tying the dark pink thread on the left to the purple thread on the left. Double knot it. Do the same on the turquoise and light pink threads.

Step 5- Repeat on the right.

Step 6- Now the two dark pink threads should be next to each other in the middle. Double knot them together.

Step 7- Then do the same thing with the purple thread. Keep doing this until you have a line of knots in each color.

Step 8- Now take the purple, turquoise, and light pink threads on the left side and group them together. Tie the dark pink thread around all three of these 10 times. Then do this on the right side.

Step 9- Now repeat steps 4-8 again, but this time start with purple instead of dark pink, (and then turquoise and light pink as you continue your bracelet.) Keep doing this until your bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist.

Step 10- Tie off the ends, and you’re finished!

Adapted from the Klutz Friendship Bracelet Making Book. 


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