Mimi’s Super Bowl Adventure, Part 3-A Photo Story

2 Feb


As some of you know, every year, I do a Super Bowl themed photo story with Mimi, (you can read the first two here and here,) and Mimi started the tradition of telling them herself last year, so here’s Mimi’s Superbowl Adventure #3 told by Mimi herself…IMG_1352Hello everyone! it’s your favorite cat, me, Mimi! Anyways, last week I was sitting in my favorite chair enjoying a delicious lunch I made for myself, (but that’s a totally different photo story) when the phone started ringing and interrupting my relaxation. (Sigh…)

IMG_1354So I got up from my chair and went to answer the phone, and was surprised to find out that it was one of the Minnie’s, (although I’m not one hundred percent sure which) an announcer at the Supreme Bowl (the stuffed animal equivalent of the Super Bowl.) Our conversation went a little something like this:

“Hello?” “Is this Mimi, the same Mimi that accidentally broke into the Supreme Bowl football field last year?” “Yep!” I nodded my head as I answered. “Alright then, apparently everyone was impressed by you not knowingly winning the Supreme Bowl, and they want you to perform at the half time show.” “Really?!” I exclaimed before accidentally dropping the phone.

IMG_1357“This is awesome!” I said as I jumped up and down, “I wonder if Lavender wants to do it too…” I ran out the door to go find my friend.

IMG_1359After I told Lavender about the half-time show, she couldn’t wait to do it with me, so we went back to my room to brainstorm ideas of what we should perform. “I could accidentally pass by everyone in hide-and-go-seek like before!” I suggested, but Lavender immediately shook her head. “Ooh! Or I could give everyone hair styles like that time when I opened up my own salon!” I still think it was a brilliant idea, but Lavender didn’t. “There’s way too many people, and I don’t think they want a hair style from you…no offense.” I shrugged, and stroked my chin, hoping it would give me a good idea, (it didn’t.) “Oh! I know!” Lavender said suddenly, “Remember when we pretended to be trapeze artists in your backyard? Let’s do that again!”

IMG_1364Since we finally had an idea, Lavender and I were going to go outside to practice, but I had to come back to grab my delicious smoothie! As I was running back, I came up with an idea, “Hey Lavender we should have matching outfits!”

IMG_1371So, at the Supreme Bowl, the game was getting intense…but no one cares about that because it was time for everyone to see how amazing our trapeze act is! “The score is tied, but for now we’ll be taking a break to watch the half time show…starring that cat that lost all of her popcorn on the field last year and her purple dog friend!” French Minnie announced into her microphone. “Take it away Mimi and Lavender!” Princess Minnie added.

IMG_1381We had exactly a minute before we had to start our awesome act. “Okay Lavender, let’s do this!” I encouraged her. “I’m a bit nervous…do you think we used too much pink in our costumes?” “Uh…duh, there is no thing as too much pink! Anyways, we have to get going!”

IMG_1389The half-time show started off with Lavender flying in on her harness. the crowed cheered and looked in awe. She swished through the air, performing tricks and flips with ease.

IMG_1392And then I came in! I was holding onto the string-thingie upside down! How cool is that!? I mean, I may have been screaming my head off at the time, but it was pretty cool!

IMG_1395So after a few more spins, tricks, flips, and a bit-of almost falling, the half-time show came to an end. When we did our final trick, the crowd applauded wildly!

IMG_1400Together, Lavender and I flipped down and gave each other a hug:) The End!

I hope you enjoyed Mimi’s latest adventure!

Lulu and Mimi:)

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