My Unfair Godmother-A Book Review

29 Mar


UnfairGodmotherMy Fairy Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallison

Summary: After Tansy Miller-Harris gets in trouble with the police because of her irresponsible ex-boyfriend, she would never have expected to get a Fairy Godmother…a high heel wearing, pink-haired, “fair” godmother named Chrysanthemum Everstar, or Chrissy for short. After failing a class in fairy godmother school, Chrissy needs an extra-credit project to raise her grade, so she agrees to grant Tansy three wishes. But since Chrissy is only a “fair” godmother, things don’t go exactly as planned: first Robin Hood ends up in the twenty-first century, and then Tansy and her whole family are transported back to the Middle Ages! Can Tansy find a way to fix the spells before she gets stuck in the past permanently?

My Thoughts: I read Janette Rallison’s other book, My Fair Godmother, a couple of weeks ago and ended up loving it! (It got me through seven performances of the Little Mermaid:) ) Once I finished it, I immediately went and put the sequel, My Unfair Godmother, on hold at the library. It was just as amazing as the first story, complete with funny characters and plenty of fairytale mix-ups.

The book is about Tansy Miller-Harris, whose parents got divorced when she was very young. When her younger sister gets cast in a musical that’s going on tour, Tansy ends up having to live with her father and step family, in a small town across the country, where she can’t seem to fit in. And then, when her ex-boyfriend leaves her to get in trouble with the police for something she didn’t do, Tansy’s life seems pathetic–or at least that’s what her fairy godmother’s pathetic-o-meter says. That’s right! Tansy discovers she has a fashion-savvy, shopping-loving, hair-dyeing Fairy Godmother named Chrissy who declares she’s there to grant Tansy three wishes. But Chrissy is only a “fair” godmother, so her spells don’t always work out right…Tansy’s first wish brings Robin Hood and his Merry Men to the twenty-first century, and then Tansy, her family, and friend Hudson are all transported to the middle ages where they become characters in the Rumplestilskin fairy tale…

 It took me a while to really get into the story, but once that happened I couldn’t put it down! The plot was very funny, and I enjoyed reading about when the characters had to escape the Middle Ages and be part of a fairytale! One of my favorite parts was the beginning, because I thought Janette Rallison did a great job of introducing the characters. I also thought that it was funny how the book opens with Chrissy’s “report” about what happened with Tansy. I did feel that the story went on longer than it needed to though, and that the ending felt unsatisfactory. But there were still plenty of hilarious events that made me laugh out loud!

Tansy was a strong main character, who I liked much more as the story went on. She doesn’t think things through very much, but I do like that she’s smart, and cares about the people she loves. My favorite person of all though is definitely Chrissy! Sure she ends up messing up a lot of Tansy’s wishes, but she’s also really funny and likable.  I really, really hope there will be another Fair Godmother book with her in it:) I also enjoyed the gold-obsessed leprechaun, Clover T. Bloomsbottle, who is Chrissy’s (unhappy!) assistant and ends up helping Tansy and everyone else get back home.

Overall, this was a funny read that I give three and a half stars out of five!


4 Responses to “My Unfair Godmother-A Book Review”

  1. Grace Anna March 29, 2014 at 6:46 pm #

    How did the Little Mermaid go? I still have a month until my production of Mulan. :)

    • Lulu March 31, 2014 at 4:47 pm #

      Oh, thank you for asking! It went wonderfully!
      Break a leg with your production:)


      • Grace Anna April 1, 2014 at 3:15 pm #

        Thank you! :)


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