The Return Of The Fantasy Books-Books I Really Think You Should Read / Volume 16

19 May



It’s time for another Books I Really Think You Should Read! And guess what? This month I decided to feature my favorite genre of all: FANTASY…again! I tried not to feature any authors or series I did in my fantasy post last year, (it was so hard not to feature my favorite Jessica Day George and E.D. Baker books again!), so I have lots of new and awesome suggestions for you. Yay!

A World Without Princes

The School For Good and Evil Trilogy by Soman Chainani / Read my review of the first book here.

I’m pretty sure most of you know about my love for the School for Good and Evil books, (it’s not like I’ve read the first book five times or anything:) ) so you can probably imagine my excitement when the second book, (the one shown above) was released last month! Both books are so suspenseful and interesting, and now I’m dying to know what happens to the two main characters, Agatha and Sophie! Oh, they’re both just too awesome to describe, so I guess you’ll just have to go and read them yourself…

my Fair godmother

The My Fair Godmother Books by Janette Rallison / Read my review of the second book here.

What happens when you put a high-heel wearing, pink-haired, “fair” godmother in charge of granting a teenage girl three wishes and end up traveling back to the middle ages? Well, an amazing book series! Janette Rallison does a wonderful job of blending all the fairy tales into one without it being too confusing, and leaves you with a cast of hilarious characters, a fun plot, and plenty of magic and adventure.


The Twice Upon A Time series by Wendy Mass / Read my review of the books here, here, and here.

This is a bit of a shorter series, but I still laughed and enjoyed it just as much as I did with the other series on this month’s list. In each one of the Twice Upon a Time books, Wendy Mass takes a classic fairytale and tells you the “real” story by having both main characters tell it. My favorite would have to be a tie between Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast, but they’re all loads of fairytale fun!


The Ever After High Trilogy by Shannon Hale

I know I said I wasn’t going to repeat any authors or series from my fantasy post last year, but I received the second book in the Ever After High trilogy for Easter, and since it was written by the always fabulous Shannon Hale, has a purple cover, and is about the characters from one of my favorite doll lines (Oh, Ever After High…) I simply couldn’t resist! The book follows the stories of the sons and daughters of famous fairytale characters, who all go to a boarding school together. Fun, right?


The Kat Incorrigible Trilogy by Stephanie Burgis (The UK edition is titled A Most Improper Magick) / Read my reviews of the first two books here and here.

What could be better than a book about the adventures of a girl living in the 1800 in England who has magical powers and gets into loads of mischief? Not only do I love the Kat Incorrigible trilogy’s covers (have any of you noticed how many trilogies there are in the Fantasy genre? Half go the books on here are part of one!) but I also love the wide array of characters, from funny and brave Kat to her ladylike sister Elissa! I’ll definitely be rereading these sometime this summer.

Half upon A Time

The Half Upon A Time Trilogy by James Riley / Read my reviews of the first two books here and here.

Ooh, I love these books, (even if I do say that about all the books in this post…) They follow the story of the awkward peasant Jack, May: a modern girl who accidentally finds herself in Jack’s world, and the courageous Prince Phillip, as they travel to free May’s grandmother who may (or may not!) be Snow White! It’s lots of fun and has plenty of plot twists I hadn’t seen coming, so yeah. You should read these. Cool.

Once upon A Marigold

The Once Upon A Marigold Trilogy by Jean Ferris / Read my review of the first book here.

These books are just oh-so silly and made me laugh out loud so many times! The plot is just funny and the storyline of the commoner Christian his impossible crush on Princess Marigold is so cute:) It’s just impossible not to be happy when you’re reading any of the books in the trilogy.


The Silver Bowl Trilogy by Diane Stanley

I adored this trilogy, and got sucked into the storyline so easily:) The adventurous plot and quick-witted heroine (and a magical silver bowl full of one hundred curses!) keep the book moving along nicely and there’s one suspenseful surprise after another to keep you reading, (I couldn’t put it down!)


The Ever Afters Series by Shelby Bach

Before I even start talking about how much I love this series, (and how I can’t wait for the third book to come out in the summer!) I just want to say how cool the covers are. When you open them it turns into a full image and the drawings are just so fun! Anyways, how could you possibly not want to read a book about kids who go to a fairy tale themed after school class to prepare for being in their own fairytale? Seriously, it’s just so good.

The Princess in the Opal Mask

The Princess in the Opal Mask by Jenny Lundquist / Read my review here.

This is one of those books I really don’t know how to categorize; what do you call a book that takes place in a made up kingdom, but nothing magical really happens? I guess you could call it historical fiction, but that really doesn’t seem right to me. Oh well! It’s still an amazing retelling of the fairytale, The Prince and the Pauper, and I’m desperately waiting to find out what happens to Elara and Willa in the sequel!

What are some of your favorite fantasy books?


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